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                                  As an XM Advocate, you’ll build a reputation for leadership and innovation in one of the fastest growing categories in business. We’ll help you share your success stories, connect you with peers, offer you valuable rewards, and deepen your understanding of the #1 XM platform.

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                                  From taking a phone call from a peer to hosting an onsite visit, you can earn points for advanced Qualtrics training, X4 passes, and more. We’ll help you build your reputation as an experience leader and highlight your innovations with case studies, reference calls, webinars, videos, or speaking at industry events. Earn rewards each time you do.

                                  What makes a great XM advocate?

                                  – Obsessed with experience management
                                  – You’re driving meaningful business results with Qualtrics
                                  – You like connecting with peers focused on XM

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                                  How it works

                                  You choose what solutions you want to talk about, how you want to be contacted, and how often. You simply:

                                  – Field reference requests from Qualtrics
                                  – Share authentically about your XM program
                                  – Complete occasional check-ins so we understand how you’re using XM

                                  Earn rewards

                                  As an XM Advocate, you earn rewards that give you a front row seat to the experience management revolution.

                                  – Every time you speak with a peer, you earn valuable reward points.
                                  – Use reward points to attend X4, take advanced training, pay Qualtrics invoices, or donate to 5 For The Fight.
                                  – Share reward points with others in your organization.
                                  – Become eligible for beta access to new features, customer advisory opportunities, and prioritized support.

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