Drive personalized
                                  experiences at scale
                                  with XM Directory

                                  Increase loyalty and spend with one system of record for all your experience data. XM Directory gives you the ability to understand customers better than ever before and deliver the personalized experiences they expect.

                                  Understand customers
                                  more with every interaction

                                  XM Directory automatically builds rich profiles of customers, putting everything you’ve heard from them (feedback) alongside everything you know about them (operational data).

                                  The Directory combines each customer’s feedback across channels with data such as demographics, loyalty program usage, purchases, service interactions, and more in one timeline view so you can fully understand their unique needs and improve their experiences at every turn.

                                  Identify customer
                                  segments and prioritize
                                  experience improvements

                                  You can manage millions of customers in XM Directory, so it’s easy to tier customers by lifetime value and identify detailed customer segments. Now you can give your product teams, customer care teams, advertising teams, and more the vital information they need to deliver personalized experiences to your best customers.

                                  Deliver in the moments
                                  that matter with connected
                                  customer journeys

                                  XM Directory automatically tracks customer interactions over time—allowing you to identify trends and see journeys in detail. As customers move from calling your service center, to providing feedback, to using your app, and more, you’ll finally have all the information you need to identify the critical moments where you need to act timely and at scale to keep customers satisfied and coming back.

                                  Close the loop on
                                  experience gaps with
                                  XM Automated Actions

                                  XM Directory is at the beating heart of the world’s leading System of Action for driving experience improvements. That means that you can automate any task or create any workflow. Automate data upload, create threshold alerts for a change in a business metrics, or send personalized communications or offers.

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                                  Give your teams
                                  complete control over
                                  your experience data

                                  XM Directory serves as both one system of record for customers and as command central for your experience data. Industry-leading governance ensures that your teams can stay in control with the ability to:

                                  • Seamlessly integrate with other platforms like SAP Customer Data Cloud, Salesforce and more
                                  • Auto-sync contacts to keep them up to date
                                  • Manage contact frequency
                                  • Manage duplicates and opt-outs
                                  • Maintain multiple directories with separate permissions

                                  XM Directory is used by
                                  great companies

                                  “We have 160 survey creators who send out 75,000 invites each quarter. With Qualtrics we can effectively engage all our customers without bombarding them, allowing us to maintain a 25% to 30% response rate.” — Autodesk

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